What Does It Mean to Be Humble?

rp_dreamstimefree_226228-225x300.jpgHumility is probably one of the most misunderstood spiritual concepts. We often see it as a behavior one must exhibit, rather than allowing ourselves to be genuinely transformed, and to do the sometimes bold work of a humble servant, through wisdom and grace. Read more »

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What Does Love Look Like?

Whether we would like to admit it or not, love is the ultimate quest of every individual on the face of this earth; but do we really know what love looks like?

What does love look like?

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My Blueprint for Wellness

my blueprint for wellnessWellness is not just associated with our physical health. Charles B. Corbin of Arizona State University describes it as a “multidimensional state of being.” I believe wellness is also a conscious process. This is why my blueprint for wellness is based in the word of God, and on the lessons learned from my own personal experiences.

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Who Am I In Christ?

bigstockphoto_Female_Praying_With_Bible___3543917Have you figured out who you are in Christ?  Our interests, occupation and lifestyle are all aspects of who we are; however, I have learned that our true essence really lies in the reward we receive from eagerly seeking Him.

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A Glimpse of My King


Last night I caught a glimpse of my King

His presence was strong
His eyes were gentle,
caring and very aware
I knew He had seen a lot,
yet He never allowed it
to taint His faith Read more »

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Metamorphosis: A Poetic Journey

BOOKCOVER_MetamorphosisThe human experience has a cycle similar to the butterfly and other species. As spiritual beings, we are all on a journey to consciously re-connecting with who we truly are…allowing ourselves to be strengthened and transformed into purposeful beings.

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