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WOW…WOW…WOW – truly my friends this is a MUST Read! Thank you Kaysha for letting Daddy God breathe and speak through your mind & fingers to the nations for healing. The powerful knowledge of the mind/body/spirit…what Biblical Meditation is…your Testimony…Healthy Eating…and Inner Healing are impeccable and needed to live a better life! I HIGHLY Recommend every man and woman who wants to elevate their lives to a higher place of WHOLEness; get this powerful book TODAY!

Author of "Clean the CLUTTER Before I Tell Your MotherRhonda"The INNERgizer / www.RHONDAWHITE.com

Kaysha, thanks for writing such an important book for the Body of Christ! I think the Body of Christ in general has been out of balance, and this book will assist those who lack balance to get in balance! I believe a book has added value whenever we can relate to the author on a personal level. Kaysha personal testimony about having her self-esteem in her hair rings so true for some many people but especially with women. I can absolutely relate to her past feelings of insecurity about herself. Thanks to God, however, she was able to change her situation around and can now share what she has learned with the world! Great job, Kaysha! This is a book done with excellence and very well written and easy to read and understand. I highly recommend all Christian to read this awesome book!

Yvonne Carson, Life Coach

I found this book to be an awesome read! I finished it in a matter of hours.I could easily relate to the author and the topics she discussed in the book. As a young wife and mother,achieving balance has been a challenge for me.I was encouraged to have a simple guide that could help me with fullfilling my full potential in all areas of my life,but most importantly spiritually. I was equally impressed with how honest and transparent the author was,allowing the reader into her life ,establishing a personal connection . I can’t wait for the sequel.

Nikki D.

I was introduced to Kaysha’s work through The Divine Wellness Center. I was thrilled to find a Christian community focusing on physical health as well as emotional and spiritual health. As Christians, sometimes we seem to be so focused on the spiritual aspects of our health that our physical health suffers. I learned that Kaysha’s values were totally in line with mine and I was stoked! Then I ordered her book, “The Biblical Path to Wellness”, and was blown away at her transparency, her authenticity, and her love for the Word of God. No matter where you are in your health journey, you are going to be tremendously blessed and tremendously challenged by “The Biblical Path to Wellness”. I suggest running, not walking, to the order page to get your copy! God bless you as you seek to live in excellence.

Owner, Times of Refreshing Wellness CenterGinny Edwards(www.ginnyedwardsblog.com)

Kaysha has inspired me to view tragedy, testings and disappointments in life as an opportunity to develop or morph into the person I was created to be. Her book has also taught me the importance of recognizing what and who is important in life. I applaud you for the courage to share your life story and I wish you many blessings.


Kaysha, I thought that I knew you. This book has shown me a whole different side of you. I had tears in my eyes and shook my head in agreement with everything. This book will not sit. I am going to pass it along and share it with my friends and family. I thank you for opening up and sharing your thoughts on things that others choose to ignore daily. Take care my friend, hugs, and two-thumbs up. You’re very talented!


Kaysha begins our journey by bravely, sharing her own. She is focused and unabashed in recognizing and confronting issues, that the world uses to identify us. The read continues to lead us on an amazing scenic route of recovery, with The Word of GOD, as our guide. This path reveals The Truth of who GOD says we are! It is truly a transformational mountain climb with The Word of GOD as our foot hold… My recommendation would be, that you join us… On The Path.

Editor/Coming Out Of The Wilderness E MagazineM. Handy